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Communicating Your Estate Wishes

A will is a type of estate planning document that details your estate, how you wish the estate assets to be distributed, and any other requests you have for how your estate is to be handled after you are gone. Though people are not always comfortable facing the unknown, it is an important step toward protecting what you have worked so hard to gain throughout your life.

At the law firm of Payer, Hunziker, Rhodes & Peters, LLP, we strongly believe in helping our clients preserve their assets and legacies for future generations. As knowledgeable estate planning lawyers, we take pride in working with individuals and families to ensure they fully understand how a will works and why it is necessary to create one as part of a comprehensive estate plan.

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Types Of Wills

The type of will or other estate planning documents you may need depends on your specific estate, goals and situation. An attorney at our firm can take the time to sit down with you and explain the various types of wills such as:

  • Living wills
  • Simple wills
  • Trust wills
  • Pour-over wills

We can also explain advance health care directives, as well as powers of attorney and how they may be utilized in your case.

Not Having A Will

If you or a loved one passes away without having a valid will, the estate will be handled according to the law of “intestate succession.” This means that the state of Iowa has control over the estate, how it is distributed and how other issues (such as guardianship of children) may be addressed. Though the law will generally have assets go to a surviving spouse or children (if there is no surviving spouse), there are factors that may complicate the way in which the estate is handled.

By having a will as part of a comprehensive estate plan, you can ensure that your estate will be handled by the person you wish to execute your will and have control over how it will be distributed to your heirs, beneficiaries and loved ones.

Contact An Iowa Last Will And Testament Lawyer

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