Ames Divorce Lawyers

Sometimes you see it coming, and sometimes it is more sudden. But it is always a difficult emotional journey. Payer, Hunziker, Rhodes & Peters, LLP will help you through it whether you have initiated the divorce or your spouse has.

Negotiation is at the heart of the process. Rather than spend the time and expense of a trial before a judge, all parties are usually best off settling things themselves. Our experience in a range of family law and divorce matters has made us a valued partner in your divorce. We will look out for your best interests and those of your children while moving the process forward without undue delay.

Child Custody And Support

When children are present these issues are foremost, both financially and emotionally. Children need the love and support of both parents. And arrangements are routinely made today, to provide this. Unless one parent is shown to be unfit, both will have parenting time.

Property Division

Depending on the length of your marriage, your wealth, and any prenuptial agreements, property division may be the next most important issue for you. Iowa law requires a court to divide property “equitably.” The judge will take into consideration the needs of both parties, their ability to support themselves, and other factors.

What you brought into the marriage, and what you received separately as gifts may not be included in what is divided. Let us advise you on what to expect and advocate for you. We serve clients in the enforcement of court orders and modification motions as well.

Ames Divorce Attorney

At the law office of Payer, Hunziker, Rhodes & Peters, LLP, our Ames divorce attorneys offer extensive trial experience and a high level of personal attention to individuals throughout Boone County, Story County, and Hamilton County in Iowa. We understand that unresolved legal matters can have long-term consequences, and focus our efforts on finding solutions that resolve your immediate concerns and protect you down the road.