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Marital Property v. Separate Property

The most important issue in negotiating property division is the characterization of property as marital property or separate property. Nearly everything acquired during the marriage, including the increased value of that property, is considered part of the marital estate that will be divided “equitably” or fairly. This includes homes, bank accounts, stocks and retirement accounts, interest in businesses and many other items.

Separate property includes property brought into the marriage, and gifts to one person only.

Equitable Division

Once the marital estate has been established, a court will assess the financial situation of each party, including factors such as:

  • Age and health needs
  • Dependents from another marriage
  • The contribution of either of you to the education or training of the other
  • Whether one of you will be a primary caretaker of the children
  • Other factors

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Ames Property Division Attorney

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